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Global Urban History Project

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Geert Castryck
Basic Information
Leipzig University
Senior researcher
SFB 1199

Nikolaistr. 6-10


Additional Information
About My Work
I am currently writing a global urban history of Kigoma-Ujiji, as a liminal town and a portal of globalization.

I coordinate a research project analysing the redefinition of political, economic, and religious spaces in East and Central Africa as well as in Europe during and after the Scramble for Africa.
Castryck, Geert. “Disentangling the Colonial City: Spatial Separations and Entanglements inside Towns and across the Empire in Colonial Africa and Europe”. In Spatial Formats under the Global Condition, eds. Steffi Marung and Matthias Middell (Berlin: De Gruyter, 2019), 183-204.

Castryck, Geert. “Living Islam in Colonial Bujumbura: The Historical Translocality of Muslim Life between East and Central Africa”. History in Africa 46 (2019), 263-298.

Castryck, Geert. “Bordering the Lake: Transcending spatial orders in Kigoma-Ujiji”. International Journal of African Historical Studies 52, 1 (2019), 109-132.

Castryck, Geert, ed. From Railway Juncture to Portal of Globalization: Making Globalization Work in African and South Asian Railway Towns (Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2016 - Comparativ 25, 4).

Castryck, Geert. “The Belgian Base at Kigoma’s Railhead (1920s–1930s). Territorial Ambivalence in an Inland Indian Ocean Port”. Comparativ: Zeitschrift für Globalgeschichte und vergleichende Gesellschaftsforschung 25, 4 (2015): 70–86.

Castryck, Geert, and Nadine Sieveking. “Introduction: Performing Space in Urban Africa”. Africa – Journal of the International Africa Institute 84/1 (2014): 1–16.

Castryck, Geert. “Ex-Centring the Global: Liminality and Interconnectedness in Urban Kigoma”. In Self-Reflexive Area Studies, ed. Matthias Middell (Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2013): 59–78.
Professional Associations
European Congress on World and Global History (ENIUGH)
European Conference on African Studies (ECAS)
International Conference on Urban History (EAUH)