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Special Announcement
GUHP Mentorship Workshops 2020-21

The Global Urban History Project(GUHP) invites applications to the three online mentorship workshops it will run during the 2020-21 academic year for graduate students and early career scholars.

Selected applicants will be paired with a senior scholar and GUHP member in their field and will participate in a series of events designed to facilitate intellectual engagement, offer feedback on research and writing, and promote peer and professional support. The workshop will culminate in a spring symposium (date TBA). Exceptional papers may be recommended for publication in theGlobal Urban History Blog, journal special issues, or other venues. Participants will be expected to pre-circulate the work developed throughout the workshop (approx. 5,000-8,000 words) and make a short presentation during the spring symposium. The symposium will be open to the wider GUHP community via video conference. Successful applicants will receive an honorarium of US$500.

Workshop themes, structure, moderators, and timeline are detailed below. All activities will be held online, through video conferences. Mentors, who may be moderators or other senior GUHP members, will be assigned once applications are accepted.

Applicants must be GUHP members. If you are not a GUHP member, pleasesign upprior to applying. No-cost options are available.

Applicants must be advanced graduate students or have completed their graduate degree in the past five years and must register as members of GUHP to qualify for the mentorship workshop. Successful applicants will receive an honorarium of $500.

The three mentorship workshops will focus on the following themes:

1. Radicalism and the City

Moderators: Nancy Kwak and Michael Goebel

Participants in this workshop will examine the relationship between cities and ideas, initiatives, or popular movements that have affected human societies and experiences on a transnational or global scale. Scholars working on any time period and various conceptualizations of radical are encouraged to apply.

2. Cities and Imperial Networks

Moderators: Mariana Dantas and Emma Hart

Participants in this workshop will explore cities’ role in the elaboration of empire and as nodes connecting distinct regions and peoples within broader imperial geographies. Participants may focus in any chronological period. We welcome different methodological and theoretical approaches.

3. Urban Forms and Urban Informalities

Moderators: Kristin Stapleton and Tracy Neumann

This workshop will address aspects of urban form and governance, or lack thereof, from trans-local and/or comparative perspectives, in any time period or region. A more specific theme or set of themes will be formulated depending on the interests of successful applicants.

Workshop Events
• Saturday, September 26, 2020-- Time TBA

Open House for all three workshop participants (applicants, mentors, and moderators)

The first event of the workshop series will be a virtual open house where participants from all three themes will have the chance to meet, introduce themselves and their work, and familiarize themselves with the goals and format of the workshop.

• Saturday, October 10, 2020-- Time TBA

Reading Discussion

Participants of each workshop will meet through a separate video conference to discuss a common foundation reading, relevant to their theme. The discussion will be mediated by the workshop convener. The goal of the discussion will be to promote further familiarity among the workshop participants while exploring relevant thematic, theoretical, and methodological approaches in the emerging field of global urban history.

• Saturday, October 24, 2020-- Time TBA

Mentors’ Panel

Participants of each workshop will meet through a separate video conference to discuss a pre-circulated, short, published or in-progress text by each of the workshop mentors. Panel discussion will focus on these texts and promote a conversation about the research, writing, and professional challenges and rewards of adopting a global approach to urban history or urban focus to global history.

• Monday, November 2 through Friday, November 6, 2020

Individual mentorship session

Paired applicants and mentors will schedule a one-on-one 60-minute conference call to discuss the participant’s progress on the work that will be submitted to the workshop symposium. Participants will be expected to submit an extended outline or draft of their work to the mentor for feedback a week prior to the scheduled call.

• Saturday, December 5, 2020

Draft Panel Discussion

Each workshop will hold a separate mock symposium where applicants will present a first draft of their work to mentors and peers for feedback and discussion. It will be expected that drafts be shared with other workshop participants by Monday, December 1.

• TBA: Workshop Symposium


To Apply:

Please submit the following information in a single PDF file as an attachment toguhp@globalurbanhistory.orgby Tuesday, September 1, 2020:

Name, affiliation, email, main area of research interest, whether applying as a graduate student or early career scholar, first and second choice of workshop theme, title of proposed symposium paper, a 500-800 word abstract, and an updated Curriculum Vitae.

Also: please arrange to send one letter of recommendation under separate cover to the same email address,