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Global Urban History Project


Newsletter #4 (First Anniversary Edition)
of the Global Urban History Project vol. 1 issue 4, May 14, 2018

GUHP Conference #2 San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 27-29, 2019
Celebrate the GUHP-Website's First Birthday

GUHP at the WHA San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 27-29, 2018

The year 2019 will be a banner year for global urban historians. Over the last few months, GUHP took the lead in organizing two collaborative conferences for next year, both dedicated to serious, sustained discussions at the crossroads of global history and urban history.

The first, which you heard about a few weeks ago, is the conference at the Centre for Urban History in Leicester, UK on July 11-12, 2019. The Call for Papers for this conference has been posted on the GUHP website for some time.  

Now we are pleased to announce the second of these two events, which will take place a few weeks earlier, June 27-29, 2019, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, at the Annual Meeting of the World History Association. GUHP will co-organize these meetings as a Joint Conference.

The Call for Papers for WHA/GUHP San Juan is now also available on the GUHP site. Conference Themes are  "Cities in Global Contexts" and "The Caribbean as Crossroads." WHA President Merry Wiesner-Hanks notes that the WHA will handle proposals for this event on their website beginning later in the summer, but she urges you to get started planning your panels and presentations now..

A quick search at GUHP's "Meet Other Members" page (more about this below) makes clear that a large group of us work at the intersections of these two conference themes, on the hemispheric Americas more generally, and the Atlantic World, all pursuits for which the conference setting in San Juan provides an especially appropriate setting.

Naturally, we welcome panels and papers from across the world for either the San Juan or the Leicester conferences. Or, if you are feeling truly "hard-core," we'll see you at both installments of this traveling festival of global urban history!

On behalf of both program committees, we look forward to your ideas!

Celebrate the GUHP-Site's First Birthday!

A year ago this week, the Global Urban History Project opened its doors with a modest invitation asking scholars in the field to join as members. It became clear very quickly that the Global Urban History is a "thing." Within a few weeks over 150 scholars took time to upload profiles about their work, and a year later the Project has almost 300 members.

Help celebrate the "GUHP-Site's" first birthday by 1) renewing your membership (many of you have already received requests to do so--renewal remains free of charge), 2) updating information in your profile, and 3) spending some time exploring the site's most powerful feature, the "Meet other Members" networking tool.

It is very easy to use the tool to network with other GUHP members anywhere in the world. Just log on, click on "Meet Other Members" and then click on the command to "show Search Box."

click here

The Search Box will appear...

search box

... allowing you to search member profiles by numerous categories, including affiliation, the geographical and topical interests that members identified while signing up, and search terms in the text of members' biographies and bibliographies.

Happy birthday to all of you! Enjoy the party, don't be shy about "mixing" with your fellow GUHP members, and expand your connections within the widening universe of global urban history!

But remember--the GUHP site is most valuable for all members if you keep your own profile up to date!

Newsletter # 3
of the Global Urban History Project, volume 1 issue 3 January 8, 2017

A New Year's Update and An Announcement

Happy 2018 to all GUHP members and prospective members. Our community of member-scholars in Global Urban History has grown beyond the 250 mark! If you have been waiting to sign up we welcome you to join us. Membership is still free of charge--we just ask that you provide us with citations to your work in the field and some information about your interests so that we can continue our efforts to document the breadth and depth of this exciting hybrid field.    

#1 Update on Progress on GUHP's Roundtables Around the World

The first stop on our Roundtables Around the World series occurred in Cleveland, Ohio, USA in October 2017, when several founding members of GUHP, joined by recent University of Chicago PhD Emilio de Antuñano Villareal led a discussion of the Project with a large audience at the biannual conference of the Society for American and Regional Planning History (SACRPH). You can watch this event on GUHP VIDS, the Project's new you-tube channel (more below).

In November/December, under the leadership of Kristin Stapleton (University at Buffalo) and Carola Hein (Technical University Delft) GUHP conducted our first-ever Call for Papers, for panels that the Project plans to co-sponsor at the International Planning History conference in July 2018 in Yokohama, Japan. The call far exceeded our expectations. As soon as the IPHS conference committee makes decisions on the final program we will make as separate announcement about these panels.

In the meantime, we are looking forward to the second stop on the journey, a panel on Global Urban History co-sponsored by the Urban History Association (UHA) at the Annual Meeting of the Organization of American Historians (OAH) in Sacramento California in April. Look out for reminders about this event soon as well as about the final stop on the Tour which occur in August/September 2018 at the European Association of Urban Historians (EAUH) conference in Rome.

#2 You can now subscribe to GUHP VIDS, the Project's new You-Tube channel.

Thanks to the efforts of our fearless editor Guangzhi Huang, there is now a You-Tube channel dedicated to GUHP events. Those of you who could not be in Cleveland this Fall can now view the GUHP / SACRPH Roundtable in its entirety on the channel. GUHP Coordinator Carl Nightingale introduces panelists Emma Hart (St. Andrew's University), Mariana Dantas (Ohio University), Michael Goebel (Freie Universität Berlin), Emilio Antuñano Villareal (University of Chicago), and Nancy Kwak (University of California San Diego), who then field questions from the audience.

Do subscribe and tell us what you think!

Newsletter #2
of the Global Urban History Project, volume 1, issue 2, October, 2017

An Invitation and Two Announcements

You are warmly invited to meet fellow GUHP members in person on the first stop of our 2017-18 “Roundtables Around the Wo
rld” Tour in Cleveland, Ohio, from 2:30-4:15 on Saturday October 28 at the bi-annual Meeting of SACRPH (the Society for American City and Regional Planning). Several GUHP founders will lead a roundtable discussion on the current state of global urban history, making the case for formalizing networks in this rapidly developing hybrid research field.

After the roundtable you are invited to join us for an informal Open House, at a location to be determined. Please rsvp to Carl Nightingale at so we can make appropriate arrangements. If you have conflicting plans for that time, but would like to chat, we can plan other smaller get-togethers over dinner or breakfast.

You can learn about future stops on the Roundtables Around the World tour by checking out the first edition of the GUHP Newsletter.

Announcement #1: The Global Urban History Bibliography Project

As one of its first major undertakings, the Global Urban History Project has assembled a Bibliography Team under the direction of GUHP Board Member Mariana Dantas. The goal of the project is to provide on-line bibliographical resource for members of GUHP that is searchable by area, period, and theme and that encompasses the entire field of global urban history.

The philosophy of the project is simple: members add, and the network will multiply. 

In other words, GUHP requires help from you to gather entries, but GUHP can and will consolidate them to create a usable tool for all.

Members have already volunteered thousands of bibliographical entries as part of the sign-up process. Project staff will sort these into lists over the course of the coming year and make announcements when new lists are ready. The lists will include direct hyperlinks where possible to abstracts, texts, or publicity materials. They will also be linked to bibliographical forums where members can discuss the lists and add suggestions for new entries.

Scholars in the field of global urban history who are not yet GUHP Members but wish to be listed in these bibliographies should sign up as members, ideally providing us with hyperlinked entries so we can cut down on the labor involved. To do this you’ll have to edit the bibliography section after you pass through the initial sign-up process. You'll need to click on the “Edit My Profile” link on the GUHP website.

For already existing GUHP members, please consider budgeting a few minutes of service to the Project by copying the entries you already have uploaded into the “Biography” section of your profile (this section will soon be renamed “Bibliography”), where you can add the hyperlinks you would prefer to on-line versions of the publication. This will save us staff time and resources. Again, start with the “Edit My Profile” link on the GUHP website. If you need help with this please contact Guangzhi Huang at

Announcement # 2: A New Series, “Noteworthy in Global Urban History”

Starting next Monday, the Bibliography Team will also begin curating a series of regular communications about GUHP members' work in the field, starting with materials dating from 2016 and 2017. Each edition of the "Noteworthy in Global Urban History" will include short notes on a handful of recent books, articles, and websites of allied networks that showcase members' individual achievements as well as the sheer breadth of the field of global urban history. These will be widely circulated through our own lists and other social media.

We feel that this is one of the most powerful tools GUHP can offer to its members. Naturally if you’d prefer not to be featured in editions of Noteworthy series you should let us know. All communication should be directed to Guangzhi Huang, Editor of “Noteworthy in GUH” at

Inaugural Newsletter
of the Global Urban History Project volume 1 issue 1 (September, 2017)

Dear GUHP members and member-invitees:

As the Global Urban History Project enters its first full academic year,
I would like to thank the nearly 200 scholars who signed up as members over the last few months.

For those who have already signed up, do take a moment to explore the profiles of your fellow GUHP members. I think you'll be simply awed by the breadth of learning represented by our new network, the extent of commitment to the field, and the diversity of scholars that make it up. We come from all across the world and dozens of primary professional homes. We include pioneers in the field, mid-career scholars who are branching into new realms, and graduate students writing dissertations about cities as creations and creators of larger historical phenomena. The profiles contain citations to dozens of recent books and articles. We hope to highlight these in future editions of this Newsletter as well as on the Global Urban History blog.

There cannot be any doubt: global urban history has become a thriving field of inquiry.

For those who still want to become members, the GUHP website welcomes you with open arms. Membership is free for this full academic year. We do ask you to spend a little more time signing up than most professional associations. This is because GUHP gathers information to promote your work and to build a one-stop shop for the networking and bibliographic needs of practitioners in the field.

An update on the last few months.
Since our opening invitation to members, GUHP has become incorporated and our tax-exempt application is complete and pending at the US Internal Revenue Service. We have an energetic, smooth-operating, and growing Board of Directors. We are building an International Activities Committee. We even have two staff members, Guangzhi Huang of the University at Buffalo and Rafael Garcia of Ohio University, who will be organizing our bibliography and syllabus bank projects this year. Their services come to us courtesy of Robin Schulze of the UB College of Arts and Sciences and of the Latin American Studies Program at OU.

Coming Up at GUHP
. As Project Coordinator, I will reach out to you periodically with reminders about the events and activities GUHP plans for the year. We have organized an exciting line-up of activities.

Here is what we have planned for the coming year:

Our new Newsletter will keep you up to date about GUHP activities and will work hand in hand with the Global Urban History blog.

Website revisions
. Within the month the "Meet Other Members" pages (accessible to members only) will get a face-lift. You can contribute to the new look, and to the general friendliness of the site, by posting a picture of yourself. Also note that the "Biography" section of your profile, which you have to access separately from the initial sign-up, allows you to post links to abstracts or full texts of your work elsewhere on the Web. Gathering these links is a priority for the Project as we strive to make the site a reference tool for people exploring the field. That will be further enhanced by the next item in the list:

The Global Urban History Bibliography Project. Over the course of the year we will reach out to you for help in creating this resource, which will include a cross-catalogued lists of hyperlinked citations and a course syllabus bank. It will offer a great way to promote your work to fellow specialists and also further document the scope and growth of the field. Thanks to Board Member Mariana Dantas of Ohio University who has taken the lead in creating this resource.

GUHP Roundtables Around the World
: GUHP will hold roundtables, panels, and informal open houses at all four of the world’s major urban history conventions in 2017-18.  By the end of the year we hope to make a concerted effort to reach scholars across the world by traveling as close as possible to as many home universities as we can. Hopefully this will set a pattern for even more substantive meetings in the future. More information about times and rsvp’s will be sent out as the dates get closer.

Save the dates for the GUHP event nearest you:

  1. October 28, 2017 2:30-4:15: GUHP Roundtable and informal Open House at the Conference of the Society for American City and Regional Planning Historians (SACRPH), Cleveland, Ohio
  2. April 12-14, 2018: Urban History Association (UHA) /GUHP Co-Sponsored Roundtable and informal Open House at the Annual Meeting of the Organization of American Historians (OAH), Sacramento, CA
  3. July 15-19 2018: Five GUHP-sponsored panels at the International Planning History Society (IPHS) conference in Yokohama, Japan
  4. August 29-Sep 1, 2018: Roundtable and informal Open House at the European Association for Urban History (EAUH) in Rome, Italy

A Call for Papers for the panels at the IPHS in Japan will be issued over the course of the fall.

Intensive Planning.
This fall we will begin conversations about more ambitious future events and conferences. To take a role in this planning process, or to offer ideas, contact me at

More soon!
I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in person during the year.

My very best,

Carl Nightingale
Coordinator, Global Urban History Project
University at Buffalo, SUNY

for the GUHP Board of Directors:

Tracy Neumann, Treasurer, blog Editor, Wayne State University
Emma Hart, Secretary, St. Andrews University
Michael Goebel, blog Editor-in-Chief, Freie Universität Berlin
Joseph Ben Prestel, blog Editor, Freie Universität Berlin
Mariana Dantas, Ohio University
Nancy Kwak, University of California San Diego
Carola Hein, Technical University Delft
Kristin Stapleton, University at Buffalo, SUNY