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Global Urban History Project

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Chester Antonino C Arcilla
Basic Information
Department of Social Sciences, University of the P
Assoc Prof
Padre Faura Street, Malate


Additional Information
About My Work
My work centers around urban subaltern politics and history in the Philippines. I particularly trace the subaltern history of incremental home and community building. By locating incremental shelter-making among slum dwellers within urban development, I mark how slumification co-constitutes urbanization in the Global South.

I also unearth radical subaltern politics by tracing militant protest strategies including community barricades and housing occupy movements to the largely 'invisible' everyday politics in the slum.
Arcilla, C. 2020. Neoliberalizing subaltern political socialities Community barricade and the diverse grassroots struggles for adequate housing in the Sitio San Roque slum. In Seki, Koki (ed.), Ethnographies of Development and Globalization in the Philippines Emergent Socialities and the Governing of Precarity. London: Routledge.

Arcilla, C. 2018. Producing empty socialized housing: Privatizing gains, socializing costs and dispossessing the Filipino poor. Social Transformations: Journal of the Global South.
Professional Associations
Annual Meeting of the American Geographer's Association