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Mohd Aquil
Basic Information
Jawaharlal Nehru University
153, Periyar Hostel


New Delhi, DL  

Additional Information
About My Work
My work, which broadly deals with the urban history of India, often engages with the transformations occurring in the Indian city in nineteenth and twentieth century. Apart from looking in the transformations in city spaces, I also trace many of the intellectual ideas that were in vogue in the world but had influence in India. In particular, I also focus on how planning ideas in Britain, the metropole affected colonies like India. I also look at the inspirations drawn by Indian Nationalists during that time in their effort to transform city spaces.
Mohd Aquil "Nehru's Chairmanship of the Allahabad Municipality and his vision of the City" IAFOR City Conference Proceedings, Barcelona 2017
Professional Associations
I attend Indian History Congress(IHC), IAFOR City conference.