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Norman Aselmeyer
Basic Information
European University Institute
Department of History and Civilization

Via Bolognese 156


Additional Information
About My Work
Part of my work focuses on urban development and planning of colonial Nairobi (East Africa). The city was set-up as a railway town, giving no concession to needs other than those of the railway. However, the city developed differently from what early planners had anticipated, mostly due to its rapid growth and the environmental conditions of the spot selected. While historiography still considers colonial cities as planned spaces, I argue that Nairobi needs to be understood as a 'living form' that pays attention to insurgent practices.
Work in progess:
- PhD dissertation on spatial transformations in East Africa related to the construction of the Uganda railway
- special issue: "Beyond 'Master Plans': Realities of Town Planning in Colonial Contexts" (planned)
- essay on the history of early urban planning in Nairobi