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Global Urban History Project

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Li Hou
Basic Information
Tongji University
1239 Siping Road, Tongji Caup

Shanghai 200092,   

Additional Information
About My Work
My scholarship focuses on history and the theory of urban planning in modern China, as well as on the relationship between urbanization and industrialization, oil and urbanism.
HOU L., Building for Oil: Daqing and the Formation of the Chinese Socialist State, Harvard Asia Center & Harvard University Press, Feb 2018

HOU L. & Y. Wang, Richard Paulick in Shanghai, 1933-1949: The Postwar Planning and Reconstruction of a Modern Chinese Metropolis, Shanghai: Tongji University Press, 2016

HOU L., Chapter 6“Six Decades of Planning Education in China: Those Planned and Unplanned”, in Andrea Frank and Christopher Silver (eds.), Urban Planning Education: Beginnings, Global Movement and Future Prospects, Springer, 2017

HOU L. Structure and Culture: A Comparative Research on the Evolving Soviet Influence over the Plan-making of Shanghai and Beijing in the 1950s, Urban Planning Forum, March 2017

HOU L. & Y. Shen Another Sino-West Hybridity: Walter Gropius and the Design of Hua Tung United Christian University Campus in Shanghai, Urban Planning Forum, Sept 2016

HOU L. Making Greater Shanghai Plan from 1946 to 1949: Planning Visions and Practice for A Modern Chinese Metropolis, Town Planning Review, Oct 2015

HOU L. American Planning Education in Retrospect and its Implications to China, Urban Planning Forum, No.6, 2012
Professional Associations
International Planning History Society
Association of Asian Studies
World Planning Schools Congress