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Global Urban History Project

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Eliana AbuHamdi Murchie
Basic Information
Project Manager of GAHTC
77 Massachusetts Ave

Building 3-305

Cambridge, MA  

Additional Information
About My Work
The ambition of the GAHTC is to address the needs of educators in diverse disciplinary contexts by providing practical lecture materials for teaching global architectural history at the survey level. This effort does not preclude more advanced level education, but the main purpose of the Collaborative is to transform the discipline 'from below'—that is, to help shape the discourse of architectural history by reshaping its teaching at the survey level.
Abu-Hamdi, E. (2016), “The Jordan Gate Towers of Amman: Surrendering Public Space to Build a Neoliberal Ruin,” International Journal of Islamic Architecture, 5: 1, pp. 73–101. [link here]

Abu-Hamdi, E. (2016), “Bureaucratizing the City: Moderated Governance, Regime Security, and Urban Transformation in Amman, Jordan.” Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review, 26: 11, pp. 23-37. [link here]

Abu-Hamdi, E. (2016), “Neoliberalism as a Site-Specific Process: The Aesthetics and Politics of Architecture in Amman, Jordan.” Cities, 60, pp. 102-112. [link here]

“The Processes of Neoliberal Governance and Urban Transformations in Amman.” In Order and Disorder: Urban Governance and the Making of Middle Eastern Cities, edited by Luna Khirfan. Montreal, Quebec: McGill-Queens University Press. (In Press)

“Legitimizing the Jordanian State: Dismantling Opposition through Social Housing and the Modernization of the Nation,” in Identity, Nation, and Beyond: Social Housing in Contemporary Middle East, edited by Mohammad Gharipour and Kivanc Kilinc. (Final Revision)
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