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Global Urban History Project

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Carl Abbott
Basic Information
Portland State University
Professor Emeritus
1830 NE Klickitat St

Portland, OR  

Additional Information
About My Work
I have long been interested in the variety of ways in which cities engage world economic and social systems and also in comparisons among capital cities. I don't think it earns a lot of extra credit, but I also made sure to include Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Victoria in my book about cities in western North America.

My recent book is Imagining Urban Futures: Cities in Science Fiction and What We Might Learn from Them. This may sound ahistorical, but one of its arguments is that science fiction novels, film, and television draw on a common body of ideas generated in the internationally networked design professions and social sciences of the twentieth century. We envision future cities on the basis of this multinational discourse.
"The International Cities Hypothesis: An Approach to American Urban History," Journal of Urban History 24: 1997.

“Washington and Berlin: National Capitals in a Networked World,” in Andreas Daum and Christof Mauch, eds., Berlin-Washington, 1800-2000: Capital Cities, Cultural Representations, and National Identities (Cambridge University Press, 2005

How Cities Won the West: Four Centuries of Urban Change in Western North America (University of New Mexico Press, 2008)

Imagining Urban Futures: Cities in Science Fiction and What We Might Learn from Them (Wesleyan University Press, 2016)
Professional Associations
Urban History Association
Pacific Coast Branch, American Historical Association